Alpha Roofing and Construction LLC


We primarily service single family residences, we also have the crews to make your project go up with the highest quality craftsmanship.
With over 35 years experience in construction and roofing, we can get your project finished with quality results.
We are insurance claims specialists when doing roofs  meaning that most of our projects begin, and end with helping our customers through the tricky process of dealing with filing a claim (most people have never done so), and assisting them through each and every step associated with the claims process. Visit us on Facebook .

Our crews have years and years experience in all types construction and when it comes to quality, we would put our crews up against the best  and we feel that their craftsmanship would be obvious!
We want to make your construction project quick, easy and painless for you. Take a look at our photo gallery!
Most of out business comes from referrals!

We offer a “Five (5) labor warranty” on roofs while the competition offers less.
We deal with insurance companies and adjusters giving you an advocate to represent you. And so when we help you navigate the claims process, it is our expertise in identifying the worst trouble spots and damages on your roof and making sure the adjuster takes it all into consideration. But attempting the claims process on your own can be risky business!

When doing a roof we meet your adjuster at the home at the time of the claims inspection. So your odds go from 50/50 (at best) on your own….to about 90% with an our representative on your side!

Call 214 728 4826 today for a Free Inspection and see the difference!


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